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We build direct marketing response campaigns which focus on the specific problems of your prospects and aim to solve these problems with education and specific solutions.

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Branding strategy and

Advertising solutionspositioning solutions.

With Digisetup Media LLC,  we design and build direct response ads that reach your ideal customer.

Grow your business

Grow your business

We have an experienced team which helps you grow your business through effective marketing which consists of well-tailored marketing strategies for your products or services.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Our team not only runs your social media ads but also finds your ideal customers throughout all social media platforms, and carefully delivers your unique selling proposition to them.



Pay-Per-Click, an ad campaign which could be used either on Google ads or youtube ads. Our team is extremely skilled when it comes to ppc, which could be used to your advantage.


Adversting made easy.

More than an ad agency, we help you impact your loyal ideal fan base.

Our services

We build Ad campaigns driven by the future.

Facebook Ads

With roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users, Facebook is an infinite space where you could reach your target market (which is in the almost 2.9 Billion people), and share your message, and offer through Facebook ads.

Instagram Ads

With more than 25 million businesses actively using Instagram to market their target audience. It is perfect to position, and brand yourself, and your business through its visual content, and engagement with prospects, and current customers.

Google/Youtube Ads

The two largest search engines in the world where you could expand your business with the whole world. A search engine and a media form which require a lot of effort in Google Ads,Youtube Ads and SEO, but its ROI (return on investment) is life-changing if the campaign is run in a proper way.

Snapchat Ads

Over 265 million daily active users worldwide, and is the most-used platform among the age range of 12 to 24. Great media platform to run ads on which could help with brand awareness, and also connect with younger demographics through the discover icon.

Tiktok Ads

The app could be accessed in 150 countries, and in 75 languages, with 90% engagement rate which makes it a perfect tool to promote your business. Another plus is the possibility of going viral which is always great for your brand.

LinkedIn Ads

Great media tool to showcase your experience, your work, and also a great social proof for your skills, talents. A professional platform which helps you connect with other professionals, and potential customers all over the world.

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Mission Statement

Helping brands and businesses create an impact through effective marketing.

Dear Entrepreneur

Digisetup’s number one priority is OUR CLIENT SUCCESS

Welcome to Digisetup Media, where creative ideas meet talent. We promise you a content-focused, and tailor made advertising campaigns which suit your unique business best, and expand it.

Alaa Lemsanes

Chief Executive Officer


We are a fast growing agency with a world class team that help you expand your business to the world.

Social Media Advertising


Years of Operation

Our team have been helping companies for the past 4 years and still counting.


Positive Feedback

We are more than sure that you will be satisfied. If not? WE GIVE YOU A REFUND.


Conversion Rate

Our skilled team could get you up to 300% in conversion rate.

— 97.6  Customer Satisfaction

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Bring your brand to life with our well experienced skilled team. We could build your brand from scratch. Help you with branding, positioning, advertising, and conversion. Keep the heavy lifting for us. We are here to work with you.

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Our advertising services starts and ends with a best-in-class experience strategy that builds brands.


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Claim your no-obligation FREE 30-minute strategy session call. No BS. No hard sell. No shenanigans.

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